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Randy Peterson

Randy PetersonPresident/CEO

Here’s Randy!


Millie Wells-Boyer

Millie Wells-BoyerVice President of Lending/Compliance Officer

Millie grew up a coal miner’s daughter down in Southeastern Kentucky! She eventually made her way up here to Minnesota back in 2003, thanks to her husband who grew up here. She says – “This is longest I have lived anywhere in my entire life,” she also had this to add – “The most awesome people in the world live on the Iron Range and I feel lucky to call this place my home.” We sure are lucky to have her and are very happy to call her a fellow Minnesotan! Millie is a mother to 4 children and has 4 grandchildren as well! She absolutely loves Halloween! She and her family love it so much that they begin decorating for it at the beginning of September! It is quite the “spooky” spectacle!

We are so very fortunate to have Millie on board with us at FNBOB! She brings such a vibrant and unique personality to our little family, and is such a passionate and caring person! Her expertise and knowledge of the financial industry are incredible assets, and are just one of her many contributes that make us the best small town community bank in the nation! Millie’s work approach and ethic are simply top notch, but there’s nothing simple about either. When you come to our establishment, Millie makes you feel at home. When you leave that same day after meeting with her, you know you’re in good hands! Here is what she had to say about her experience here at FNBOB – “I am so thankful for the opportunities my job at FNBOB has made available to me. It allows me to meet new people and be a small part of helping them to realize and achieve their dreams”.

Millie enjoys camping, cooking, computers, reading and sewing! Millie is such an open minded individual that there is so much she shares interest towards! She goes on to say – “If anything happens to catch my attention, there is a pretty good chance I will develop an interest for that particular thing.”


Sheryl Benz

Sheryl BenzAssistant Vice President



Peggy Oberstar

Peggy OberstarVice President of Operations

Peggy was born and raised on Ely lake. She is a graduate of Eveleth High School, Mesabi Community College and UMD. She has resided in Virginia, MN since 1982. She has been in the banking industry for 30+ years and her knowledge and expertise are a very important contribution to our institution!

Peggy has remained on the range, where she has raised a family consisting of two daughters. But she also loves to hop in their travel trailer and enjoy the open road for some “Glamping” adventures. Her dream retirement job is to drive “The Zamboni” on a beach in Florida! When Peggy is not hitting the open road and can actually be found at home, she uses this time to play with her two dogs, golf, enjoying a nice walk, and gardening. Family is very important to Peggy. She follows all of her granddaughter’s activities extensively, especially “Competitive Dance”.

We are very happy to have Peggy as part of our team! Here is what she had to say about returning to small town banking – “I am very fortunate and grateful to return to the world of smaller local community banking! Working at FNBOB has allowed me to return to my roots and our incredible staff are all like a close knit little family!”


Dawn Thompson

Dawn ThompsonChief Operations Manager  

Dawn is one of our more behind the scenes team members. She joined the FNBOB crew back in 2005 and let me tell you, we are very lucky to have her! Dawn’s vast knowledge and expertise of the industry is simply impeccable! She has been in the banking business for just about 40 years!! Whether she is working from afar or right in office here at one of our fabulous  FNBOB locations, Dawn makes sure our tight little family oriented institution stays functional, professional, and kept. She assures the standards of our business and business offerings are of our highest capabilities and assurance. It’s been such a great pleasure having Dawn as one of our fellow “Penny’s Crew” members! She is such a kind and wonderful person and it’s been such an absolute pleasure getting to know her throughout the years!

In her spare time Dawn really enjoys sitting down and reading a good book. She also loves to go on little hiking adventures and is also really fond of having some good old fashioned lake fun!


Debbie Munter

Debbie MunterOperations Assistant

Debbie was born and raised in Coleraine, MN. In 1968 she moved to Buhl where she graduated from Martin Hughes High School in 1972. She married a fellow “Buhl Bulldog” in 1976 and had two sons and now have a granddaughter!

Debbie joined the FNBOB crew back in 1993! So we have had the pleasure of working with Deb for 20+ years! She plays such a vital role when it comes to our institution and always has such a professional work ethic, we are lucky to have her! She is one of the most kind hearted and caring persons anyone could know! She continues to make sure everything runs smooth and productively on a daily basis for us here at FNBOB!

Debbie is a very family oriented person and a avid dog lover. She’s had all different types of dogs throughout the years, including their most recent addition Jasmine, a 3 yr old Dachshund. She loves to collect elephant figurines and attend music concerts. Her husband and she also enjoy gardening together and taking trips up to their cabin for a little R & R.


Jessica Bianchi-Rossi Carter

Jessica Bianchi-Rossi CarterConsumer Loan Officer

Jessica is a born and raised Iron Ranger! She has lived in Buhl for her entire life and is now currently raising a family of her own in the same great city! Jessica joined the FNBOB crew 5+ years ago. She began her time here starting out as a teller and has zoomed up the FNBOB ladder and has now become our official “Consumer Loan Officer”! Here is what Jessica said about working here at FNBOB – “First National Bank has been and remains such a great place to work! It is such a family oriented establishment which is just one of the reasons it is so wonderful.”

Jessica brings so much to our FNBOB family! She is one of the most honest and caring people you could ever have the pleasure of knowing. She is a very patient person and a tremendously hard worker! We are so very fortunate to have her on the team. Jessica’s attitude and work ethic are a prime example of what makes FNBOB the best and most friendly small town community bank. Her effort and attention to detail are attributes that any person can admire! We really look forward to many more years of having Jessica around!

Jessica enjoys going camping and doing a little fishing. She loves to travel when she can and experience all our country and afar has to offer. She really enjoys helping out in her community whenever possible. She also enjoys shopping and cooking. The most important thing to Jess though is her family. Whenever she can be with them, those are her favorite times!


Shelly Gianlorenzi

Shelly GianlorenziLoan Assistant

Shelly was born in Fridley, MN. When she was in grade school her parents decided to move up to the Iron Range and resided in Eveleth. She proceeded to graduate from Eveleth High School and go on to attend college. After college she decided to move back to her Fayal Township roots, where she is currently residing and raising a family with her husband.

Shelly has been with FNBOB for 5+ years! She is truly such a sweet and caring person and a pleasure to work with! We are truly happy to have Shelly as part of our little family here at FNBOB and look forward to having her around for many more years!

Shelly absolutely loves being with her family. Whether it’s playing games, doing crafts, or shopping! She finds fulfillment and happiness when she is spending time with them!


Betsy Yoder

Betsy Greiner – Customer Service Supervisor

Betsy grew up on the outskirts of good old Buhl, MN. She managed to keep busy being very involved in her families small business endeavors and working part time at a nearby farm. In her recent spare time she stays pretty busy renovating her home, spending time with her family and friends, and volunteering at local ministries.

Betsy came to us here at FNBOB when she was only 17! She is one of our hardest workers and shows so much dedication and care behind what she does; and that goes for everything she is involved in! We have been very lucky to have Betsy as one of the team here at FNBOB! She continues to amaze us with her work ethic and wonderful personality!! Here’s what Betsy had to say about her experience thus far with working at FNBOB – “It has been a wonderful job experience! I have learned so much about small town business, customer service, and the impact our institution has on the Iron Range.”

Betsy loves to travel. She got a taste for it at a young age through her father’s work and has enjoyed it immensely along with the rest of her family, traveling anywhere from Costa Rica to Hawaii! She is also an avid knitter! She jokes saying; “if I get good now, I’ll be the best knitter at the nursing home when I’m older!”


Jesse Munter – Branch Manager (Buhl)

Jesse was born and raised here on the Iron Range! He grew up just north of Chisholm and graduated from Chisholm High School. Jesse has always had roots tied to Buhl though. Both his parents are graduates of Martin Hughes High in Buhl and he has fond memories of visiting Grandpa and Grandma in Buhl when he was a child. Jesse recently has become an official member of the community of Buhl after he purchased a home in town. Here is what he had to say about the City of Buhl – “Buhl is one of the best small towns! It is such a wonderful community and all the people here are very neighborly and friendly! I’m very proud to be a part of this great town and continue the Munter roots here!”

Jesse has been with us for just about 5yrs now! He started out as a teller and has moved up the ladder taking on new projects and responsibilities along the way! His great work ethic and hard work has moved him up to the position of Branch Manager for our Buhl location! Jesse is one of the most understanding and also one of the easiest persons to work with and we feel very privileged to have him on the team here at FNBOB!

Jesse loves his music!  He plays drums for a local band, playing around the Iron Range and doing some light traveling. He also performs solo playing guitar and singing. He absolutely loves being around family and friends whenever possible in any type of setting (preferably around a bonfire sharing some laughs).


Patty Marks

Patty MarksTeller

Patty was born in Virginia, Mn and was raised in Buhl. She has resided in Buhl for all but 9 years of her life! Patty has strong family ties to Buhl. Her grandparents made their home there and her daughter also is a current resident as well! Buhl has been such an important part in Patty’s life that even she says herself – “I can’t even imagine living anywhere else in the world!” Patty is highly involved in the community and has very much love for the town that she has called her home for over 50 years!

Patty has been with us at FNBOB for 11+ years off and on! Even now that she is retired she still couldn’t get enough of us and all of our great customers, so she just had to come back! Patty is such a great people person and can brighten anyone’s day with a simple hello! Her knowledge and experience is undoubtedly so resourceful and her personality makes you believe you’ve been friends your whole life! We are so happy here at FNBOB to continue to have Patty with us on the team!

Patty really enjoys traveling! Anything from camping with the girls to taking a road trip across the country to visit family. She keeps herself busy with her multiple home improvement projects and loves being with family! She also enjoys going to her families property up on Dark Lake, that her son currently resides at, and taking in the beauty that is Northern Minnesota! She adores fall, her favorite season, and loves meeting new friends!


Mary Dosan

Mary DosanReceptionist

Mary is our fun loving incredible receptionist! If you frequent the Mountain Iron location she is more than likely the first face you see. Always ready with a big smile, just waiting to properly greet you and make sure that your banking experience with us starts out right! Her bubbly personality is just the ticket you need to start your day off or to make it a little brighter. She brings a wide variety of work experience to the table but is at home when she is dealing in and with the public. She has been married to her husband Joe for 47 years and has 4 children (plus their spouses) and 11 grandchildren!

Mary joined the FNBOB team 5+ years ago! She is a very dedicated worker and even though she is very light hearted, she takes her job very seriously! She makes the working environment here at FNBOB very pleasant and we are so very happy to have her around! Here is what Mary had to say about working here at FNBOB – “FNBOB is such a wonderful place to work. It’s a small bank with a great team whom all work very hard and has a wonderful family atmosphere. We care about our customers and they care about us.”

Mary loves to travel, with family spreading all over it’s kind of a “must” for her! She loves watching her grand kids sporting events rooting them on from the stands! She really enjoys to knit, sew, and sit down with a great book.


Austin Yoder

Austin YoderTeller

Austin is our youngest employee here at FNBOB, but age has no barrier on Austin’s ability to strike up a conversation with whomever about whatever! Austin joined us in December of 2015 and has become an excellent teller and a wonderful employee to have with us. Austin’s personality and sheer outlook are very positive and he is growing into quite a remarkable man.

Here is what Austin had to say about his time here so far at FNBOB – “Working at the bank has been such a great learning experience for me and I’ve been lucky with having such great co-workers! I really enjoy getting to meet all of the great customers we have at FNBOB and working in an office setting has provided me with an idea of what jobs I would like to pursue in the future!”

Austin enjoys swimming, snowboarding, hiking, and hanging out with family and friends. He also uses his spare time to give back by volunteering at local teen ministries! He is not exactly positive on what he plans to do after graduation, but having Austin as part of the team and getting to know him we know that his future will be a bright one!


Loralie Arvola

Loralie ArvolaTeller

Loralie was born in Virginia, MN and was raised in a township just outside of town. She graduated from High School in 2016 and is currently enrolled at Mesabi Range College and will have graduated with her AA in 2018! Loralie has such a strong passion for music and for helping others in need, especially children. In the future she plans to attend Augsburg College to major in “Music Therapy”! She’s quite a caring and remarkable woman, and at her age, we have no doubt that she is going to go on to do remarkable things!

Loralie joined the FNBOB crew back in December of 2016. She is a remarkably fast learner and her overall attitude and outlook on life are so positive! We are very happy to have her on the crew! Her kindness and determination are truly such wonderful attributes we are very lucky to have her! Here is what Loralie had to say herself about FNBOB – “I’ve been banking with FNBOB since I was a young child. So when the opportunity arose to join the team I thought it would be a wonderful little place to work. It has such a family like environment and it has been such a great experience for me working here!”

Loralie obviously adores music! From writing songs on the piano to playing the guitar and violin, quite a talent! She also loves to read, enjoys sewing, and even participates in the occasional “cosplay”.


Crystal Yernatich

Crystal YernatichTeller

Crystal was raised in Tower-Soudan, Minnesota. As well as spending her childhood in T.S. she also graduated high school there. After high school she then attended Vermillion Community College (V.C.C.) in Ely. She had many fond memories of her beloved hometown but after college she decided to make a change and move to the cities to attend McConnel Travel School. Living in Southern Minnesota proved to be a great decision. Throughout her 5 years living there she learned many great skill sets in school and working as an administrative assistant. She also ended up marrying one of her childhood friends that had preceded her in moving to the cities only a year before! After they were married, Crystal and her husband made the decision to move back to the range and raise their family. She worked for AEOA for nearly 20 years, but decided to make a career change and joined us here at FNBOB!

Crystal joined our little family here at FNBOB about 2/3’s of the way through 2017. She has been a great addition to the team! She brings an outstanding work ethic, along with a witty intelligence and a superb team work ethic! We are very happy to have Crystal and hope to continue our working relationship for some time to come!

Outside of work Crystal loves to do a bit of crocheting. She is really fascinated by the science of genealogy, which is quite a remarkable and interesting subject. She really enjoys keeping busy and staying active.  She really enjoys biking and all sorts of other physical activities as well.


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