Parkview Pennies for Patients 2018

Hello everyone, Penny here!

With the holidays fast approaching we thought we would reach out to all our amazing customers to see what they think would make us here at FNBOB an even better organization. Sort of your own little “Christmas list”, not with Santa, but with your very own financial institution!

We here at FNBOB pride ourselves in being a very customer oriented business and highly respect each of your opinions. We know we wouldn’t be here without you!

So with that being said…

We would like to hear any suggestions or ideas you, as our valued customer, might have. Our main goal is to make our financial institution as friendly and comfortable of an establishment as possible, for ALL cutomers. We want to help make your everyday banking duties convenient as well as safe and secure. Whether you think we should expand our internet banking and merge into the mobile banking world or maybe something as simple as what we could do, bring in, change, or maybe remove from our establishment to make your visit that much better and more comfortable for you.

Now we want to make this fun, but it is also a very serious matter to us. We will be putting a post onto our Facebook page, which will be pretty much identical to this one, where you will be able to comment on the post your suggestions and/or your ideas. If you wish to be a bit more discrete, you can also just send us a message on our Facebook page as well. If you do decide to use Facebook for your suggestions, we would greatly appreciate everyone being respectful towards each other and use your discretion when commenting/suggesting. We will take every suggestion into consideration but will not tolerate bullies or rude comments and behavior of any kind.

Now along with the Facebook post, we also will be placing “Suggestion Boxes” at both our Mt. Iron and Buhl locations. This will be the most private way to go about submitting your suggestion. Simply, when you come in to do your banking business, stop by one of the boxes on your way out, write your suggestion on a piece of paper (provided), and drop it in the box! If you don’t wish to include your name with your suggestion that’s no problem, but we would encourage you do so.

The Facebook post will be posted on Monday, December 11th as well as the “Suggestion boxes” being placed out at our two branches. We will run the post and keep the boxes out until 5pm Friday, December 29th.

We just want to strive to be the best small town local bank we can be! And what better way to make improvements then to ask the source and center of our business, you the customer!

All of us here at FNBOB would like to THANK YOU ALL in advance for your support, suggestions, and cooperation. We couldn’t do it without you!

Thanks again everyone!