First National Bank of Buhl

Halloween 2017

Hey everyone it’s Penny!

All of us here at FNBOB would just like to wish a SAFE and HAPPY HALLOWEEN to you all! If you are going to be visiting us at either location today be prepared for the unusual characters you will observe! Enter if you DARE, HAHAHAHA!










Austin & Jesse

Well it appears your two bankers at The Buhl Branch have converted to “The Dark Side”.  Introducing the two newest “Sith Lords”: Kylo “Austin” Ren & Darth “Jesse” Vader! May “The Force” be strong with all who dare to enter!




“The Gypsy” Betsy you’ll find roaming the Mountain Iron Branch. If you are polite and show respect to her she may give you a once in a lifetime “Fortune Telling.” Now this might be the best place to learn of your upcoming good fortune, A Bank! Also she is quite the tradeswoman, she can turn your heavy coins into light weight magnificent dollar bills.




Now be on the look out for “The Lost Girl” Debbie. Debbie lost her way from “Never Neverland” quite sometime ago. She absolutely refuses to grow up. So please, if anyone can help Debbie find her way back to “Neverland” she would finally be at home again.  Anybody who has connections with Peter, Tink, or the rest of “The Lost Boys” your help would be greatly appreciated! Just keep that Captain with the hook away!

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Update to Regulation CC Thresholds

Starting July 1st 2020, inflation adjustments will impact the thresholds to “Regulation CC” as following:

  • $200 is changing to $225 (Note: the $200 amount is still referred to $100 in Reg CC). This amount is used on case-by-case holds and will impact most financial institutions.
  • $5,000 is changing to $5,525. This amount is used on certain special exception holds, such as large deposit holds, new account holds, and repeatedly overdrawn holds. This change will also impact most financial institutions.

Lost or Stolen ATM Card?

For lost or stolen Instant Cash and Check cards, please contact us at 218-749-3190.

After hours, please contact Instant Cash stolen card support at 800-535-8440 or 612-316-1484.